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Art is defined as the expression of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. When Josef Neumayer started what is today North Shore Auto Rebuilders, he was, above all else, simply an artist. He loved building pieces of art that would be appreciated by their owners, and that passion, skill, and creativity were clearly evident in the restoration work he completed on some of the world's finest automobiles.

Since then, over three generations of Neumayers have worked at North Shore Auto Rebuilders for one simple reason: the passion for repairing and restoring the world's finest vehicles is in their genes, thanks to Josef.

With a rich history that began just as sports cars and other fine vehicles were reaching America's shores, today North Shore Auto Rebuilders is Chicago's premier location for accident repair of fine automobiles.

They've evolved right alongside the cars they repair to provide industry leading service, and they're proud to have attained factory certification from Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


Josef Neumayer started on Halsted Street, working on and restoring European sports cars. With total customer satisfaction in mind, he would often fabricate pieces from scratch since the lead times for parts were either too long, or some parts were unavailable.


In 1961, with the help of his family, Josef purchased the property where the shop is currently located at 6240 North Broadway in Chicago.

Family lore is that in the mid 1960’s, Josef walked down the street to Loeber Motors to ask for some of their business. He was so sure of the quality of his work, that he offered to fix any of the Loeber Motors cars and if they were not 100% satisfied, then all of his work would be free. 

Loeber Motors gave him a chance and, after seeing his work, they they gave him their account (and payment). Loeber Motors has been a faithful customer ever since!


Josef's sons Bernie and Wally become the second generation to work at North Shore Auto Rebuilders, keeping it in the family. Their passion was obvious as Josef wouldn't accept anything less.


In 1996, Josef retired and Bernie and Wally took ownership. Bernie's son, Steve, also started working at North Shore full time, becoming the third generation to use his skill and expertise to provide the best in fine auto repair and restoration.


In 2016, Bernie retired and Steve took over with Wally, and the third generation of family ownership was complete.

Over the years, as the industry evolved, North Shore Auto Rebuilders has transitioned in execution but not in their dedication and passion for quality high-end repair and restoration, along with the best customer service and care in the industry.

Still committed to detail and engineering, North Shore specializes in repairing the modern high performance and luxury vehicles of today. They are proud to be a Porsche & Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Repair Center.

Even though the cars may change, and techniques become more advanced, the one aspect that doesn't change is the personal approach and care that North Shore Auto Rebuilders takes in repairing the vehicles of their customers. Josef Neumayer, founder and true artist, set the standard, and the third generation understands this and accepts the challenge in running Chicago's premier high end auto collision center.

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